Our organization

Sozial Label, SL, (http://www.soziallabel.de/) is a registered non-profit Berlin-based association of public utility founded in 2003

The overall mission is to promote cultural, educational exchange and to foster mutual understanding at local and European level by strengthening local organizations in their work at European level and to support networking around social issues.

Main areas of activities are social inclusion, non-formal education, intercultural learning within different groups and promotion of active citizenship and intergenerational dialogue.

The target groups include young people at risk of drop out, migrants and people facing social difficulties. The organization work with young and older people trying to strengthen the dialogue among generations, the issue is of relevance especially in the urban context where the young and old people although they do live close do not have mutual interaction in the everyday life

SL has a strong experience and expertise in the management of European projects in the field of education, active citizenship, social empowerment.

The SL will empower organizations at grass roots level working with young people with fewer opportunities, senior and migrants to react positively to current social challenges. SL will build the bridge among local and European level providing assistance in the project design and project management and in the implementation of European projects within its network

SL is namely part of the network of social NGO's in Berlin active in the field of social inclusion and education. SL is also working together with several local municipalities and grassroots associations in Berlin. The strong links with organizations and social workers at local level ensure the creation pf projects which are designed with and for the partners and which address a well-defined need of the organizations involved.

The involvement of local municipalities ensures a good visibility to the project and the opportunity to establish cooperation beyond the end of the project

In the past years SL has implemented several projects aimed at strengthening Europe active citizenship and knowledge about Europe and European mobility projects providing participants with tools and skills about project management, intercultural partnership and ICT tools for the implementation and dissemination of European projects. Sole Social Networs for social Enpowerment,

Within the project: Lances Learning in Action for a new citizenships education systems we put the focus on training and exchange of concrete working experience in the field of active citizenship and participation and the creation of specific participatory model able to meet the needs at local level

SL has also gained a good experience in the inclusion of people with disabilities in the labour market and with projects addressing senior participants and volunteering:Active Seniors in Action

SL has been also working in several local and international projects in close cooperation with umbrella organizations in Berlin for the integration of migrants. With the arrival of new- comers, Germany and Berlin are facing a new challenge, SL and its networks is engaged in the implementation of projects with this target group

Our work is to build bridge among local and new comers, authorities and citizens.