sozial.label is a registered Berlin-based association of public utility which was founded in Berlin in September 2003. The association is officially registered with the number 23154 Nz.
The departure point for the founding of the association was the growing need for assistance to social projects in their aquisition of funding. Thus sozial.label addresses itself particularly to small-scale projects which are not equipped with their own fund-raising structures. sozial.label is the first project to react to the needs of social projects in the form of assistance provision for administrative services and is therefore something of a pioneer in the field.

One of the important resources of sozial.label is the know-how available to co-workers who are experienced practitioners from the field of social work, social planning and social research. sozial.label’s team is complemented by computer experts and designers. In addition to their many years of experience in various fields of social work and their work in social planning and social research, they have a thorough knowledge of the attribution of public money, the finding of new sponsors, the making of evaluations and other social science analytical methodologies. In addition to this, there is already in existence a working network for contacting project managers and sponsors and a sound knowledge of local finance structures. The team of co-workers uses these skills conscientiously and knows how to direct them efficiently in the best interests of the project and its particular requirements. The co-workers take individual responsibility for their particular jobs.

Thanks to this expertise, sozial.label’s advisory service is particulary suited to the special needs of the social sector.

Scientific advice
sozial.label’s project developments benefit from a scientific guidance and evaluation service in the founding years. sozial.label’s particular need for development lies in the optimum funding according to the individual needs of projects in the social service sector.

Regarding sozial.label’s project development and scientific guidance service, an aid programme is being planned by the North Rhine Westphalia Ministry and by the PFAU programme.


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